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What's Common Between Your
Bedsheets & Your Toilet?

Just after one week without washing, your regular cotton sheet can harbor a whooping
17,422 more bacteria than a toilet seat!

  • Bacteria


  • Dust Mites

    Dust Mites

  • Sweat


  • Fungus


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Here Is What Leading Research
Says About Traditional Bedsheets

  • Dirty sheets can contribute to allergies, skin breakouts, asthma - apart from sleep disorders.

  • Your sheets are absolutely filthy & bacteria infested.You need to change them right away!

  • You spend a third of your life in bed, so dirty sheets can have a major impact on your health!

Throw Out That Infested Sheet
That Makes You Sick

Smart Sheets That Self-Clean
While You Get Your Beauty Sleep

Meet Casilva

Meet Casilva sheets Desktop

Casilva’s patented silver-infused technology destroy 99% of germs so your sheets stay fresher and cleaner for longer.

The eucalyptus fiber construction provides a superior sleep experience over cotton, silk, and bamboo bedding.

Meet Casilva sheets Mobile
  • It's actually softer than silk, and feels great on
    your skin.
  • It's more durable than cotton, and lasts a lifetime.
  • It's breathable & lets you get your beauty sleep, every night.
  • It's temperature regulating, to keep you cool & night sweats away.
  • It's truly hypoallergenic, and keeps acnes, rashes & sheet-wrinkles away.

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The Last Bedsheets
You'll Ever Need To Buy

Why Casilva

Why Casilva badsheets
  • self cleaning
    Repels Dust, Bacteria,
    Odor & Sweat

    Casilva sheets are infused with natural silver thats been lab tested to kill 99% of bacteria, trapped odors, and other germs.

  • Santeen Weave
    Santeen Weave For
    5 Star Luxury

    Our expert craftsmen use the superior sateen weaving pattern for an unmatched texture only found in 5-star luxury hotels.

  • Cool Yet Cozy
    Cool Yet Cozy,
    All Year Round

    Eucalyptus naturally regulates temperature better than other fabrics, keeping you comfortable through the night and all year around.

  • clock
    Saves On Laundry
    Time & Effort

    Casilva sheets don’t need as much washing thanks to its unique materials that repel bacteria, odors, and allergens.

  • Fits Snug & Secure
    Fits Snug & Secure
    On All Mattress

    Casilva’s thick all-around elastic band and Stretchable fabric construction keeps sheets from slipping off.

  • Our Planet
    Better For Our Planet

    Casilva’s Tencel™ Eucalyptus fibers have earned the USDA BioPreferred® designation for environmental sustainability.

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Your Sheets VS Casilva

Silver Infused
Eucalyptus Sheets

Infused Eucalyptus Sheets
  • right check icon 2x Softer Than Silk
  • right check icon Repels Bacteria & Microbes
  • right check icon 70% Moisture Wicking
  • right check icon Prevents Night Sweats
  • right check icon Needs Less Laundry
  • right check icon 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Cotton Sheets

regular cotton sheet
  • wrong icon Not As Soft At Silk
  • wrong icon Attracts Microbial Growth
  • wrong icon Absorbs Sweat & Odor
  • wrong icon Leads To Night Sweats
  • wrong icon Needs Weekly Washing
  • wrong icon No Money Back Guarantee

The Finer Details That We're Proud Of

Why Casilva

silver sheets
Set Includes
  • 1 x Fitted Sheet with high quality elastic around the edge
  • 1 x Flat Sheet that will easily tuck into any bed
  • 2 x Luxury Pillowcases will fit any standard pillow
Available Sizes
Twin 39x76x15 66x96 20x30/1
Full 54x76x15 81x96 20x30/2
Queen 60x80x15 90x102 20x30/2
King 78x80x15 108x102 20x30/2
Cali 72x84x15 108x102 20x30/2
Available Colors
  • Gray
  • White
  • Natural silver-infused for antibacterial & anti-odor properties.
  • OEKO-TEX® certified, sustainable materials & eco-friendly.
  • 100% eucalyptus fabric, softer than silk, 3x cooler than cotton.

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Why Happy Sleepers Love Casilva Sheets


4.9 Based on 4200+ reviews










93% Of Sleep Experts
Recommended Casilva Sheets
  • Written Reviews

Excellent Quality

Just received my second set of Casilva sheets and cant wait to use them! Love the odor cleaning silver, the softness, and the quality.

reviewer imageKathy Baily Verified Buyer

Very comfortable and cozy

Husbands’ picky with sheets; these are our favorite. Soft, no fading, genuinely cooling. Perfect for Texas heat. Ordering another for our RV trip!

reviewer imageMartha Hudson Verified Buyer

Feels like luxury hotel sheets

Reminded me of those plush hotel sheets. Noticed they’re cleaner and they fit my tempur-pedic mattress just right. Honesty, a good buy.

reviewer imageMark Roland Verified Buyer

I love love love my sheets.

Chose the subtle gray and it’s like I’m wrapped in fog. These sheets are top-notch, ensuring cleaner, cooler, and healthier sleep. A must-have.

reviewer imageCheryl Fitzgerald Verified Buyer

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We’ve All The Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What are they made of?

Our sheets are made of high-quality, Austrian grown Eucalyptus fabric and infused with anti-bacterial silver that prevents 99.9% of bacterial growth!

How does silver protect us?
What is the thread count?
How does our return policy work?
Does it have strong chemicals?
How do I get in touch?

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